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Business trends today are growing increasingly more dependent upon large-scale, highly accessible systems that work in unbounded network environments. At SBS your system's security is of the highest importance. In the past few years there has been extensive broadening of what is defined as security risks.
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System vulnerability to intrusion has become preeminent. No system is immune to attacks or other disasters; therefore, survivability of the system must be appropriately addressed.

Survivability is a planning perspective that combines computer security with business risk management in order to protect system information and services in the presence of attacks, failures, or accidents.

The characteristics of survivable systems can be described by the system's essential services. The essential services are the functions of the system that must be maintained when the environment is under threat.

If a system is able to deliver its mission in a timely manner in the presence of attack or threat, it means that the system's essential services are being fulfilled.


SBS offers Security Assessments that will evaluate the survivability of systems laid out in disaster and attack scenarios. The assessment will evaluate survivability strategies at the architecture level including defining system mission and architecture, identification of essential services, creating attack and disaster scenarios and discovering architectural vulnerability that are both essential and negotiable.

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